Embrace your Inner Savage





2 thoughts on “Embrace your Inner Savage”

  1. Anyone who relates humans being in the Kingdom animalia to destructive, selfish, unintelligent behaviour does not know much about the animal kingdom.
    For example, bonobo socialization and behaviour is extremely complex and marked by cooperation and kinship, detailed communication patterns and parental care. Fact Sheet
    Elephants have intricate rituals concerning death and burial of loved ones or community members.
    Chickens / hens enjoy a peaceful afternoon as they lay their eggs.
    Pigs can play rudimentary video games. Crows also play games amongst themselves, sometimes they can even be cunning tricksters.
    Defining “animal” as “a person who behaves in a wild, aggressive, or unpleasant way” is antithetical to a large portion of the animal kingdom.
    The notion of the “wild savage” and “violent tribal behaviour” is not only rooted in a misunderstanding of nature but also prominent racist motives and beliefs. Besides racial bigotry, sexual assault criminals and murder victims often use the defense of genetic makeup or biological determination as an excuse for their aberrant behaviour.
    Embrace your inner philosopher and think critically.

    1. I could name plenty of species of animals who behave in a wild aggressive or unpleasant way. Army ants. Violent tribal behavior. Many species don’t even take care of their young. I don’t limit animal behavior to just wild or aggressive, but do include it. Yes animals are capable of love it seems, at least from the best we can tell, and we are one of them.

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