The Core of Humanity


“There’s no escaping reason, no evading purpose, because we both know, that without purpose there is no reason to exist. It is purpose that created us, purpose that connects us, purpose that pulls us, that guides us, that drives us, that defines us, it is purpose that binds us.” – Agent Smith

I don’t exactly agree with Agent Smith, if it were up to me I’d change this diatribe to:

You can escape reason in denial, however there is no evasion of values, because we all know that without values there are no reasons to exist. It is values that connect us, values that pull us, that guide us, that drive us, that define us, it is value that binds us.

This sounds much better, than the robotic diatribe of Agent Smith. Values have shaped our world by leading to the undeniable alteration of the human experience for all. It is the definitive force behind all human actions and as such the weight of the world is on this one simple concept; values. A value is the reason behind every single event in the history of the human race yet I find that this topic has been touched rather lightly in the field of philosophy for the most part given the massive impact values have on everything that we can have an impact on; essentially it is the core of power of the entire human race.

So with that, shouldn’t we not analyze this subject deeply? Where do our values come from? Where are they going? Why do we have them?  Values seem to be innate, yet we learn new values through our experience.  But these values that are learned are rooted from innate values it seems that may not have been accessed previously.  But why would we say, suddenly see something new and value it?  Is it within our control?  We can’t necessarily explain why we may value chocolate ice cream over vanilla, it’s because our bodies find one more desirable over the other.  

Values precede purpose as a result.  Purpose, comes from what we value.  We derive our purpose here in this world based upon what we want.  


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