The Virtue of Dog Poo

These are the words of a 60 year old + fellow philosopher who made light of some things and methods I hold dear, that if you choose to follow the path, will be enlightened. Yes, this is not some semantical hogwash post on what do words mean, this is practical philosophy, on dog poo. The fact that a discussion of dog poo makes these semantical discussions look like kindergartner philosophy is a telling tale. You kids ought to learn something from this. Just look past the typos and misspellings, because philosophy overrides Grammar, when the important aspect of it is philosophy. 

“I am going to prove to the most doubting mind the virtue of dog poo. This morning i had a time consuming job to do… getting a piece of rope out of my my riding lawnmower . As i was jacking it up i noticed a very unpleasing odor coming from one of my tires and I continued to try to grin and bear it until the job was done because the tire had imbedded fresh dog feces….then it dawned on me…this is an opportunity to grow… I remember an East Indian author telling us to examine emotions and to examine emotions in the eternal know. Well i decided that moment that this had to be done and i was just the one who would be willing to do it because of the absurdity of it . I was going to examine the smell of dog feces as it has never been examined before. So when the job was done i walked to the back of the yard and found the freshest pile of dog feces I could find. I sat down beside itand picked a juicy clump up with my thumb and two fingers on my bare right hand and mashed it around a little and feeling the texture with only that in mind and then I raised it to my nose… and just how it would smell if i could remove the element of good and bad…ah yes virtue was on it’s way…the ultimate non discrimination if i could pull it off which I knew without a doubt in my mind i could do. I drew in my breath through my nose and even touched it lightly to my nostrils so I could smell it even more. I just concentrated on exactly what it smelled like with no judgement at all…deeply inhaling …and getting the full experience of this once noxious smell. I sat there five minutes doing nothing but examining this smell . I then listened to all the noises around me and threw out the taught behavior and with no inner feeling of the right or wrong of it or pleasant or unpleasant sounds around me. Cars in the distance, birds noises, insects,wind in the trees cicadas whirring, no favorites or un favorites just focused observing of eachand every one thoroughly devoid of judgement.,then i did the same thing with seeing no discernment of beauty or ugliness but just focused on each sight, garbage can, old torn up towel with the beautiful non judgement of the uncluttered mind seeing it for what it is actually for the very first time. I sat there without moving and did not hurry or un hurry but just stayed there without using the man made concept of time but simply observeing whatever i saw then after awhile i know not how long because actually there was no time at all .things change but time never does because it is the eternal now …I got up peaceful and very refreshed and walked to the water hose and washed my nose and hands and dove into the pool not caring about time.

I was going to a picnic with my wonderfully happy family to my wonderfully diverse in laws and I knew that I was going to eat potato salad which I last ate when I was 8 yrs old and only when forced. I hated the smell and taste of it too. I ate potato salad made with red creamer potatoes, it was pleasant to my taste buds i did not consider smell and when i finished I ate another helping to me the tase was good. I now like potato salad a miracle itself. So from a thourough examination of some smell I loathed, it enhanced my smell, my seeing, my patience, my feeling and my touch, It enhanced my appreciation of potato salad, my concentration and ultimately my virtue because now if I smell a bed pan, or go to a foreign country where bathing is not possible, all the time and smell sweaty armpits or dried urine in old used clothes, I will drink in the smell with non discrimination and not wince in disgust when one of them walks by..for surely they’ll notice and not accept me but they’ll notice i notice them without regard to smell thus enhancing our bonding to one another as well …i proceed it to myself now you can prove it to yourself by drinking in deeply the next perceived unpleasant smell without discrimination but just as it is and you will prove it to yourself as well….You dont have to go to the Draconian extreme I did but you can just ease into it results were almost instantaneous…but I understand why.”


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