The never ending left wing right wing civil war

This polarizing dichotomy  causes nothing but problems.  Once someone buys into this left wing right wing nonsense a bias is created that could very well consume the individual and blind them of all logical rational sense in favor of an ideology that ultimately is likely not even held dear in many ways to their own hearts but simply identify for the most part with a lot of the stances of either wing. What occurs however is a battle line is drawn, an enemy is provided that you can fight against and your patriotism is subtlety replaced with a cancerous ideology that you mistake for patriotism. 

These Wacko wingnuts are gullible. They’re foaming at the mouth to believe anything that negatively denounces their opposition. This is simply just more fuel for their bias, which is feeding endorphins to their sacred holy war that is fighting out right in the very confines of their whole minds. Their enemy is practically completely contrived through their vision of some sort of shadowy monster that possesses human beings and rewires their brains, figuratively. 

It is still a rampant aspect of people in these United States, clinging to an entire ideology as if it were their own baby… thinking on a black and white basis ( (psychology))

Their identities rely upon the enemy. They are the anti left wing, or anti right wing warrior. Without their opposition, they are nothing. They feed off each other, through lies and deceit, ignorance and bias. These concepts can be defeated in some people, as quite a bit of us are a mixture of these two ideologies. Yet there’s always people in favor of either one will end up snowballing their ideological standpoint into debating warfare of some grandiose proportions in which their own bias blinds them into some eternal damnation of logical hell, where intelligence has forsaken them and bias consumes them, forever fighting a war that cannot be won. Half the time the enemy is your own contrivance. I guess it gives them purpose.


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