The Difference between Morality and Ethics

Pragmatically morality typically deals with issues on what is right or wrong for an individual basis. This means that ethics are typically seen as a guideline for moral conduct on a larger scale of institutions. Societal functions, governments, businesses or fields of professions, and religions. Now the issue to separate is most certainly a fuzzy line because one is not able to say that any system of ethics aren’t the product of an individuals morality (aside from vice versa – which it could be that an individual will develop their morality based on a system of ethics.) 

Now I consider ethics a system because typically they are based on a few base principles/values that determine logically a chain of actions that should be taken in any situation based upon those principles/values. The crux of the matter is that this does not mean that the principles/values can be adjusted or derived to fix the end result and as such coincide with any individuals personal set of morals and suit their individual standard of what they think is right and wrong. As such the blurry line. Since typically anyone who follows an ethical system would not have derived it on their own (unless they actually did derive it, then they would be the only one) or it was derived using the a think tank or some sort of mutual progression of like ideas, it can be seen by some to be of a higher moral order in that it would require people to act not on their own wishes or moral standpoint but on the ethical system that the followers would see that it would be beneficial to all who adhere to that ethical system. An example would be a lawyer and their confidentiality with their client. Perhaps morally the lawyer should tell the police what the client confessed to, but ethically in the professional realm of law it would be taboo to do so.


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