Empowering women and the plight of Islam

I don’t think this is prevalent in many American’s consciousness, but the one thing that has catapulted the United States into the premiere world power during World War II and beyond was the advent of the female working class.  The fact that women began working en masse at the factories, producing weapons, ammunition and other essentials at a much larger rate in the past contributed greatly towards the booming of the American war machine as well as the economy.  This effect lasted after the war, more and more women continued to enter the workplace.  Suddenly we had the capacity to nearly double our workforce by empowering women to work and produce.  Today, we reap the benefits of that paradigm shift and continue to do so.  The workforce was diversified in talent and capability as well, with women bringing their unique traits to American Industry and education.  Feeling empowered, more women began to go to college and more make an impact on our society ever before in all industries, as well as politically.  Doesn’t it seem pretty obvious that this shift really caused us to become the greatest superpower that ever existed?



Now, let’s take a look at where the Islamic states are without this same advantage.  By not empowering women and essentially oppressing them, the Middle East has fallen backwards greatly, this may be where women are oppressed the harshest.  The Arab spring, brought on by the advent of the internet and its technological abilities, made people aware just how far they are behind Western Culture, and they aren’t happy.  This new found consciousness resulted in the desire to overthrow their government, but the people are still disillusioned at their real enemy, their own religion of Islam.  By blaming the government and not their own way of life, they are still at a standstill, replacing Islamic leader with Islamic leader, fascist for fascist, tyrant for tyrant, corrupt politician for another corrupt politician.  They are not attacking the root of their problem, the reason they lag so far behind Western Culture, their backwards religion of Islam.  Granted they are comparing themselves with the rest of the world and it’s ability to progress and prosper, all while not looking at how it occurred to begin with.  Islamic oppression is not viewed as the root of their economic troubles, and that it is exactly why their economic troubles will endure.  With  United States recently surpassing all nations by becoming the top oil producer in the world and are now considering exporting oil again, we will see the riches of Mid East oil wealth begin to dwindle.  What will they have to fall back on?  Certainly not a female empowered workforce that the great Western Civilizations have relied upon. Perhaps Allah will come down and rescue them from their plight.  But Considering their faith has been going strong ever since the decline of the Islamic Golden era, which was propelled by technology and science as opposed to faith, I think we all see where this is going.





5 thoughts on “Empowering women and the plight of Islam”

  1. Religion is not the entire culprit. I agree that religion as a man made invention is flawed. Greatly so. But, its only part of the mechanism that holds women back. Its probably best not to generalize about Muslim women in countries where that religion is the majority. Because no two “Islamic” countries are alike. And some actually have had female leaders. Such cannot be stated of the greatest super power of the world.

    Indonesia, the most populous Muslim-majority country, elected Megawati Sukarnoputri as president.

    Pakistan, the second most populous Muslim-majority country, twice (non-consecutively) elected Benazir Bhutto as prime minister.

    Bangladesh, the third most populous Muslim-majority country, elected Khaleda Zia and Sheikh Hasina as prime ministers.

    Turkey, the fifth most populous Muslim-majority country, elected Tansu Çiller as prime minister.

    In the Muslim majority region of Kosovo, President Atifete Jahjaga was unanimously elected by the Assembly of Kosovo on April 7, 2011

    Furthermore, nearly one-third of the Parliament of Egypt- the fifth most populous Muslim majority nation- also consists of women

    1. I agree that Islam isn’t cohesively shunning women, but for the majority of the Mid East, it is, and the M.O. Is succinctly Islamic beliefs. Until their beliefs evolve, to say, a more modernized version such as those perhaps in the other countries you stated, I’m pointing the finger squarely in their faith and find no reason to not do such

    2. I am not apologizing for Islam. I know a great many highly successful, highly intelligent Muslim women. Have lived in a Muslim country with a great deal of intellectual heritage and culture older than that of this country. I also acknowledge that in the Islamic country where I lived, the women were more educated than the men. In spite of that, yes, they endured discrimination, based on Sharia. And Misogyny, which transcends religion. I do not think that the men of America are ready yet to nominate a woman president. But then again, a worthy female candidate has yet to surface.

  2. Islam is used just the same as religion is anywhere the world over to serve the purpose or agenda of those in power. Its sublimated like other ideologies. The root of the problem is really human nature.

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