One of the hard things about writing, is well writing. You need purpose in your words and motivation to display that purpose. Often my ideas of writing come, but then I wavier, I figure, everyone I am writing to already knows what I know, about what I’m writing about, and that very well may be the case. So my writing loses it’s purpose. How? I destroy it. I destroy my own purpose of why I had the urge to write to begin with. Perhaps I don’t feel like writing my thoughts out in words. It is a whole lot easier to just think it, but writing it out on words, well that can be challenging. Or not necessarily challenging, but I just get lazy. I want to do other things. Perhaps tweet, in 140 characters. Yes, you can get a pretty big point across in 140 characters, but there is something redeeming about writing a blog.

Nonetheless, I almost passed up my train of thought, go back a few sentences, to when I wrote “It is a whole lot easier to just think about it”. Think about that. Ponder your thoughts and ideas, meditate them, because we often think that we think in terms of our language, but that is not the case. If that was the case, whenever we get a grand idea, it should be simple enough to go ahead and write it down. Well it’s much more complicated than that, you see. We don’t really think entirely in English. I say, we think mostly not in English. Thoughts come to us due to our entire frame of reference, our mind, our processes, our experience, our knowledge or what we think we know, all comes to us so suddenly at times. Yet writing them out, requires a sort of discipline, an ability to recall this idea, this purpose, and portray it out in words. With that, English is imperative for communication, its imperative to achieving more knowledge and understanding, and it does help you think out your own thoughts, to sort them out into nice little neat compartments called words. The mind is hard to understand entirely, but writing helps organize it all and achieve a more cogent understanding.

The one great thing I love about writing is, when done properly, it can provide insight and understanding that otherwise may get lost via talking to each other. Writing is there to be reread if needed, to contemplate. Talking to each other is often filled with sensationalism, bravado, emphasis to get your attention among many other speaking devices that we all use, whether we recognize them or not. But if you just write down some words, you can bypass all that malarky and excess nonsense and get to the real meat and potatoes of an idea, or a story, or most importantly, the truth. Charmers thrive based on speech communication. You will see most charmers aren’t going to excel at writing and vice versa. I admire the writers. They tend to know more. They aren’t shysters, because you can re read what they say, rather than listen to them ramble off a bunch of hocus pocus and have you eating off the palm of their hands. I think the writers and readers here can see beyond all that very easily. For some charmers, it takes a keen eye to identify the nonsense they spew. Others not so easily. Writers, though, ah yes, WE have the tendency to be able to see this, and when we do, we just cringe. Writing is a true, more pure form of communication, not a bespectacled aesthetically pleasing to the eye and ear three ring circus. Beware the charmers and talkers out there…


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