The Inferior “Objective” Morality of Faith

I find it absolutely fascinating how a majority of the world is indoctrinated with religious beliefs. What is very telling about this situation, is how those religious beliefs differ by geographic location, as well as by time. If you were born in Greece 3,000 years ago, you may very well have been raised to believe Zeus was God. Saudi Arabia today, viola, you’re going to likely become a Muslim. Each of the faithful, of all the religions, believe that they have received direction from the true God, or gods, and that “God” or gods, have provided a list of rules and guidance that must be obeyed and this is indeed an absolute, objective morality.
What follows from believing in their god, often comes the illusion that they have knowledge of some of this morality provided through their “sacred” writings and this is taught and passed on to others, spreading the same way that their faith has spread, word of mouth or through writings. Through having children and indoctrinating them accordingly, generation after generation carries on this faith and “objective” morality. Yet, the funny thing is, somewhere along the line, that objective morality of God, changes, bends and ultimately caves in to societal pressure. It seems the rate of this change occurs faster today, in a smaller, connected world, through the internet, however the full effects will still remain to be seem.
In the United States, Christianity is seen as the guider of the prevalent, moral consensus through the simple fact that Christians are the majority and hold their morality from Christian teachings, indoctrination, and reading the Bible themselves, at times. Christians argue against other morality that threatens their assumed “moral authority” by stating that if you do not believe in “God”, anything goes. Which, to some extent they do have a point. However a disciplined, learned mind, with reason and logic on their side, can quickly conquer not only this statement, but also offer a morality that Christianity cannot obtain, a more righteous ethical system, that is based on logic and reason, aside from belief that “god says so”. What we can gather, that if you are not a believer, the Bible was written by archaic people with inferior morality by today’s standards. These people try to pawn of their morality as coming from the “one true God”, for the sake of assimilation to their ways, their culture, their desires.
Considering much of the old testament morality is seen in the Western Hemisphere as morally bankrupt now, we can see how obvious it is today that this “objective morality” has changed over years, centuries, to adapt to a less religious, but more of a reason backed morality and value system, which does have a tendency to shine through, even in believers. However, there is still cherry picking of morality from the old testament. Currently the gay agenda is something that is “objectively” wrong, because “God” says so. Never mind the commands to stone adulterers, or to judge not lest ye be judged, or to love one another as you love yourself.
The believers fail to recognize that this morality was not of their “God’s”, but of reason. They do have their reason, which isn’t very noble, but it seems that a culture of hatred and discrimination against gay people is their reason. They use the Bible to back up their preconceived notions of homosexuality, or the Bible has produced their preconceived notions of homosexuality. The same people claim their morality is objective and of “God”. What they fail to see, is that their morality is indeed not objective, it is merely believed to be. Some of their morality is backed by their own reason, some is caused by a herd mentality, and some is due to their indoctrination. Due to the ever evolving morality of Christianity that is evidenced throughout it’s history, it is obvious we have nothing close to an objective morality in Christianity and due to its judgment based on believing a god exists and believing that this god told them these rules, we have a morality founded upon belief and an archaic backwards culture of thousands of years ago. It is not necessarily founded on reason and logic conducive to values that people hold dear, thus making this morality not only subjective, open to interpretation, but also at times unreasonable and irrational.
The origin of reasonable morality is through the values one holds. Christians, holding the bible and their belief in “God” which somewhere along the lines gets misconstrued with a knowledge of their “God”, fail to understand this. They only understand that morality comes from their god, that they believe in, which essentially has been formed through the same way as any other religious god who tells people what to do, through the writings of men, spread through a local culture, until the entire world has become indoctrinated.
Reasonable judgments based on our modern values often shine through. Many Christians are against the discrimination of homosexuals, despite what the Bible states on the matter. It is the job of those moral, good believers and non believers to provide a reasonable sound morality based on knowledge and logic, not belief, not the writings of an immoral archaic people by today’s standards. An archaic people who promote misogyny and stoning of adulterers, or killing those who are homosexual. For reasons outlined above, religious morality will always be inferior to that which can be derived from logic and reason and that is how religious morality bends to pressure of logic and reason. This is why Christianity evolves and why, one day, they will likely accept homosexuality. After all, it is only spoken of negatively in the Old Testament, just like all the other nonsense that is ignored, from commands to not eat pork or wear multi-fabric clothes, to condoning slavery.
Righteous non biblical morality will not be justified by something the bible says, it will be justified by reasonable and logical deductions based on secular values. The religious through time will bend their morality, perhaps because Jesus loves us all. They will cherry pick the passages and ignore the rest of the archaic nonsense gradually more and more over time, until one day hopefully there is nothing left to ignore but the entire whole goddamn thing itself.

9 thoughts on “The Inferior “Objective” Morality of Faith”

  1. I think that faith-based “objective morality” is less an aspiration to promote ethical behavior and more a tool to keep people in line. To have religious morality is to be a “good” person, and to lack it is to be a “bad” person. And since people generally want to be seen as “good,” they’ll do as they’re told.

    Also, there are always the arguments for religious objective morality. “Everyone knows the Holocaust was evil, therefore this objective morality must exist, and it must be God’s divine law.” Who cares that secular thought can condemn it without resorting to God?

    Great post!

  2. siriusbizinus said that “Who cares that secular thought can condemn it without resorting to God?” I have never heard any convincing arguments that “proved” there could be an absolute, objective moral order without there being an infinitely powerful creator of all space and time. All of the so-called proofs seemed to be fundamentally subjective, the personal opinion of a number of people and since there was no absolute authority in any of those people, others could disagree and claim they were just as authoritative as the next person, and they did what they thought was best without being compelled by the opinion of others. Do you have any source that seems to you to go beyond the “proofs” I have heard or read that are not convincing to me? Thank you

  3. Here are a couple ways you are wrong. If we are simply the most evolved animal life, then morality cannot be explained. We don’t judge the behavior of animals because they are not moral beings. In this we tacitly admit that we are above animals.

    And logic and reason have been used by every evil person in history to rationalize and advocate their evil deeds. Without a Higher Objective Standard for morality who is to say that the Nazi’s extensively-developed rationale for conquering or destroying what they regarded as the inferior races and other categories of people was wrong? After all, isn’t their belief in the Aryan race as the most advanced form of humanity and their attempt to conquer all others consistent with the Darwinian principle of the survival of the fittest?

    Finally, Christian morality doesn’t evolve, though the Biblical ethic did change in many ways going from the Old Testament age to the New Testament era (which is a huge subject of study among Christians). It is indeed a sad fact that racism was falsely argued from the Bible by many hypocritical or simply ignorant Christians for many years. But it was eventually recognized to be unbiblical based on properly interpreting the Scriptures (which is done based on well-recognized principles of interpreting literature). Indeed, the anti-slavery movement was largely driven by Christians. But homosexuality is clearly stated to be wrong in both Testaments. No reasonable interpretation can be found to justify it. All attempts to do so are simply attempts to distort what is clearly stated. (

    Sorry, but your argumentation is very simplistic and shows little or no understanding of Christianity.

    1. Your first paragraph is irrelevant entirely, misguided and ignorant and ignores what I stated above. Your second paragraph is irrelevant to what I wrote as well. Your third paragraph makes a claim, but does nothing to back it up and while you say Christian morality has not evolved, you just admitted to it evolving in other words. Apparently, Christians, not god claim slavery is immoral now. It is an evolution of Christian morality and the Bible, being “God’s word” is anything but, if it can be deemed the Bible was wrong about slavery in the OT.

      What you stated has been deemed immoral overall, you are propagating evil and you have no shame for it, it is exactly why you have no understanding of Christianity, your bias of choosing to believe it causes you to attempt to rationalize it and you so poorly and illogically above.

      Claiming I have no understanding of Christianity is not backed up. I’ve delved into Christian theology and have read the the Bible for over 20 years, studying non denominational, evangelistic and Catholic interpretations. All of these sects are the result of incoherent rationalizations and justifications, such as your own, to attempt to make the bible, which makes no sense, to somehow make sense. However, they and you, fail and fall flat on your face logically.

  4. From an early age I rejected the notion that there was a god. Did I run amok after being freed from the shackles of fear that the faith of my parents had tried to place on me? NO.
    I believe that in every person there is the feeling of whether what you are doing is right or wrong. You don’t need religion to teach you that. You don’t need god to tell you not to stab a fork in your hand, you just know not to do it. I have no explanation for the people who handle poisonous snakes in church. They believe that god will protect them. Is faith like a double dog dare to do something stupid to see if you can live through it? I would bet money that there is not a single member of Mensa among them. A better, safer, and I believe smarter way to live is to use reason and logic, as Chris says, to determine what is right or wrong. An editor with a red pen needs to go through the Bible and cut out parts that are illogical, crazy, self-destructive or sadistic. It could be reduced to the size of a pamphlet. The instructions could be basically to treat others the way that you would like to be treated. Most other information would likely be an attempt to manipulate for personal gain.

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