Basic reasons not to believe.

One of the reasons I don’t believe in god, gods or “God”, is due to the massive quantity of other religions. I am curious as to why you may think you have you been the lucky one to be successfully indoctrinated with the right religion by our culture out of all other cultures? Most religious people don’t even bother to read the scriptures or texts of other faiths. If they did, they would find some striking similarities in methods, as well as directly incompatible claims. For most Christians, apparently “God” chose to reveal itself to an illiterate civilization at the time, compared to say, China who was far more advanced and literate, to deliver his message. And his message is, you must believe everything I say, written down by this misogynistic, slave condoning, archaic backwards society, or you will suffer eternal punishment. This is exactly what to say if the backwards society was trying to produce fear to pawn off their own morality as god’s, as evidenced by the wildly immoral “words of god” in the Old Testament.

I would not think god, gods or God would be so fickle to reveal himself in the same manner as every other false religion, through writings of men. Then having the millions of people choose and believe in the right one,with massive stakes on the line, infinitely rewarding or punishable fines. The punishment, for not believing in this religion of Christianity for example, out of all the others, is exponentially disproportionate to the crime considering its presentation to us. This is persuasion via fear of threat of something that can’t disproved and it seems the authors of religion know this and use this recipe in every religion.

Hinduism: Believe or suffer, Buddhism: Believe or suffer. Islam: Believe or Suffer. Christianity: believe or suffer, and yes, Zeus may strike you down with a lightning bolt if you don’t do what he wants just the same. This is exactly how to propagate a false religion, the methods are identical to the perceived false religions of Christianity. This is indicative of a myopic, selfish world view. Most Christians don’t even consider another religion. If they did, they may find the similarities of the methods of their religion to all the others.

It’s a wild claim, to write about god as if you have knowledge and present it to your tribe, to get them to do what you want. Long ago, people out of ignorance thought that comets were omens, of imminent doom, because they didn’t understand reality. They had no concept that there were unfathomable quantities of asteroids shuttling through space at unbelievable speeds, in a vast, possibly, infinitely large universe. The fact that there are so many different religions is not evidence of the divine, it is evidence only that people make up things about divinity. Legends, myth, folklore, all due to ignorance of where we come from and how we are here. The reason you are Christian today, is due to when and where you were born. If you grew up in India, you may be Hindu. Saudi Arabia, Muslim. Greece 3,000 years ago, you’d believe in Zeus, probably. Considering the reward and punishment, and the plethora of false religions, no matter what your religion is, it is utterly ridiculous to condemn people to hell for not believing in these specific words. It is exactly, what to say, to scare people into believing. It is how all false religions work and is a common theme.

Reading the bible you can see how it is exactly man made, full of contradictions, (which supposed “apologists” will just say, its a metaphor and wash their hands), . It also shows typical reflective misogyny and the atrocious morality of sheep herding men with no knowledge of science or any advanced maths, chemistry, philosophy, biology, physiology and sexuality as well, among many other areas of ignorance. Bashing homosexuality out of ignorance, or fear, of these people. Typical of an archaic mind, which lingers throughout society today.

Believing in a god, or a miracle out of ignorance is a way to stunt further exploration of similar occurrences or explore for an answer for the one that occurred. Most personal miracles are trivial in nature and are able to be disproven with effort. If not, there is no reason to “believe” a miracle occurred, out of ignorance. Simply because the origin of existence is unknown, simply because we don’t have an explanation, doesn’t mean it is a miracle, or done by god. It is unknown instead. Choosing to believe in an answer, isn’t a wise decision, with all things considered, and the tendency of humans to propagate lies of god, in order to control their people. By considering unknowns as miracles or god, we essentially lose the desire to explore and learn. This has been detrimental to society, causing denial of scientific understanding, all for the sake of apparently keeping people in control. However, there is no further evil, than spreading a lie, to make people devote themselves to a lie their entire life. It’s happened, for millions of people, no matter what your faith, for all those who believe in a religion not of your own and it is likely happening to you just the same.


One thought on “Basic reasons not to believe.”

  1. I am a person of at least moderate intelligence and even I can see that a leader of a true religion who is omnipotent should be able to get the word to the people in a more direct way. Text, Tweet, get a Facebook page. It’s not hard. 14 year old girls do it every day. While they’re at it they could have some way to identify their believers. How about all of them would get health benefits or a nice head of hair. People would be signing on in droves. But you can’t tell the difference because I don’t believe there is a difference one way or the other.
    My job involves speaking with people who have had every sort of horrible event happen to them; Parents of babies with brain tumors, Adults who are afraid their child with mental health issues is going to kill them, the elderly who have children who don’t visit them and in a lucid moment remember that they are supposed to take medicine but don’t know why. Many of these people joined a religion because they were afraid of the consequences if they didn’t. The things I fear happen to the religious and non-religious alike. It’s not my place to point this out to them but as for myself I would rather believe in a scientific, rational universe than pin my belief on a bible that is at times laughable, evil or downright insane.

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