Why don’t you appreciate Philosophy?

Philosophy is the root of all knowledge. The scientific method in itself is a philosophy. For most every subject of academia, the nth degree”  is a PhD. A PhD is a Doctorate in philosophy of _____ (insert subject). So if you have a Doctorate, or PhD in Math, you are a doctor of the philosophy of math, essentially.  Complete comprehension and demonstration of comprehension of the subject.  Without philosophy, every subject is aimless, useless. They may not have even arisen. Philosophy encompasses and controls every single subject matter in academia; it also encompasses and controls every tidbit of understanding humans have. It is in turn the root of wisdom, a means to gain understanding.

To apply philosophy you must utilize logic and reason; You must not use belief. Belief is where philosophy ends and turns into religion. With belief anyone can believe whatever they want and there is no standard.

Question everything.  Know when you don’t know.  Utilize your knowledge to go further in every facet of your life.  Think hard, think deeply, think logically.




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