This little light of mine

I am a happy, awe inspired, fun loving man. I am full of love and am a very lucky person. I love inspiration, I love my family, I love life. I am curious. I appreciate good hearted people. I understand sacrifice, honor, nobility. I have values, I have morality. I appreciate art, justice, music, beauty, wisdom, knowledge, logic, humor, reason. I am well rounded, intelligent, determined. I’ve seen the darkness, the abyss. I’ve been to the depths of depravity and have come out stronger. I know it well.
As such, with the state of the world, there are those that are antithetical to everything I stand for. I feel that I would if things were taken from me in an unjust manner due to the antithetical nature of people not found within me, that I would be very, very, angry. There is an anger within, on pilot light. An anger that is a gift, a gift from my ancestors, to protect us and our kind.


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