The Rise of Fascism

An interesting read.

The Most Dangerous Philosopher in the World

What’s also interesting is the will of the fascist who wish to disseminate beliefs, conspiracy theories, religious beliefs and nationalistic beliefs in favor over knowledge, science, philosophy, and real education.

Also how our universities are viewed as liberal here in the U.S. Interesting is how truth and knowledge is an enemy of fascism. Even more interesting is the rise of fascist minded thought in the United States and Europe which really has always been present, but is becoming more so year over year.

The death throes of religion? But religion is taking a backseat in importance it seems towards the myopia of nationalism and racism. Is the allegiance of Russia now more due to a global movement of white supremacy as well? Perhaps all these factors play a role.

The right goes further right when the left goes further left, but which one is making more of an advance to radicalism?

It’s also worthy to note the feverish rise of the fascist Muslims as well. They too hate fact, freedom, truth. They too believe in conspiracy theories. The difference? They are too culturally different from the primarily Christian / white fascists.

It all smells of turmoil, and a greater turmoil to come, a turmoil based in ignorance.


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