The Propaganda is Everywhere

The propaganda is everywhere. Things are definitely looking to get worse before they get better. Those who rely on social media for their news are getting a majority of lies, its rampant.

I’ve never seen so many people who don’t have an understanding of what’s going on. Everyone’s a conspiracy theorist now, schools are evil, thus education is bad, intelligent discussions aren’t tolerated because they aren’t understood and nobody has time to seek the truth. It comes down to laziness, incompetence, hearing what you want to hear.

Its hard work this day and age to understand what’s going on, you can’t just read a bunch of articles or statements from people that agree with what your preconceived notions are. You have to go far beyond that.

Welcome to the age of misinformation, where people’s conspiracy theories without evidence are believed all due to confirmation bias.

Yes, people need to think and do hard work before spouting off nonsense opinions, straw-men arguments, because its too dangerous to spread lies this day and age, people’s livelihood and lives depend on truth being known, not beliefs. If you don’t know, ignorance ought to be embraced, not suspicion.

There’s too much divisiveness out there, too much ignorance, too many lies, too much propaganda and too much hate in order to spread disinformation.


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