The Alt-Reich’s Attempt to Push Fascism as a Left Wing Trait

pepetrump.png-large-800x430There have been attempts by right wingers recently to attempt to distance certain right wingers as fascist or certain fascists as right wingers. In turn, they are also looking to seek out that the left can be fascist too. One of which is Dennis Prager, a right wing talk show host that I listen to around lunch every day on Chicago’s AM 560 right wing talk radio station. Dennis has become increasingly alt-right since Trump’s nomination. In any case, it was just yesterday that Prager was parroting this same type of sentiment which seems to be passing around the right wing hive mind, in which independent thought has been obliterated long ago.


6 thoughts on “The Alt-Reich’s Attempt to Push Fascism as a Left Wing Trait”

  1. “Fascism originated in the right wing government of Mussolini…”

    Nope. Read Jonah Goldberg’s “Liberal Fascism” – both Mussolini and Hitler were solidly on the Left.

    1. Fascism – particularly nazism – is right wing due to its values of White Supremacy. Jonah Goldberg is a clearly biased conservative individual who has no idea about political science. The placement of nazism and fascism as a right wing extremist ideology is clearly grounded in facts. Jonah Goldberg attempts to spin this by ignoring points that actually make nazism and fascism right wing on the political spectrum. Another propagandist pushing the effort to ignore the evil of going to far right.

      Th key reason is that the left is impossible to be like nazism and fascism is due to their traits of treating people unequal which is a core tenant of left wing politics and even socialism to an extent. Fascism is a sexist, genocidal political ideology falls on the far right.

      1. “Fascism – particularly nazism – is right wing due to its values of White Supremacy.”

        Nope. Hitler, to the extent he had a real political philosophy, was a Socialist and a totalitarian. Statism or totalitarianism is one of the distinguishing characteristics of Fascism. See:

        Fascism, Nazism, and Communism are all blood brothers on the Left. Hitler’s genocidal hatred of the Jews was a unique characteristic of Nazism, but not its truly defining characteristic.

        The lie that Fascism is right wing was a lie started by Stalin and his “useful idiots” in the West and believed as gospel by many today. Jonah Goldberg in his proves this in excruciating detail.

  2. p.s. The Nazi Party in German is:

    Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei

    Translated into English:

    National Socialist German Workers’ Party

    So we are supposed to believe a far right party would use words like “Socialist” and “Worker’s” in their name? Kind of boggles mind, doesn’t it?

      1. I did actually, but I largely considered it to be nonsense. White supremacy has very little to do with defining Fascism. Genocidial hatred of Jews was certainly part of Nazism, but had little to do with it being a subset of Fascism.

        Fascism and Nazism is on the Left side of the spectrum. Modern right wingers in America support individual rights of all citizens regardless of their skin color.

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