The Persistence of the Propaganda

My posts from the past few weeks continue to ring true, today another “tweet” by President Trump exposes the dangerous mindset of his desire, or his idiocy, (perhaps both) to distort reality in order to divide even more.
Trump has taken on yet another straw-man argument, as I have pointed out previously in my May 15th post




Strawmen are useful tools of propaganda. They distort your opponents words and thoughts, turn them into something they are not- in order to present yourself as having a noble worthy cause and your opponents to not. Of course, these techniques coincide with others techniques of propaganda, some of which are the falsehoods and conspiracy theories are vomited out in order to twist reality into something that makes his words, thoughts and actions seem noble.


The dangerous rhetoric feeding a population of a feverish base continues and will continue, it seems, for the remainder of his term, whenever that may be. This deceptive, untruthful time we live in, when the president himself presents propaganda on this level reminds me only of the most dangerous regimes in world history. It surely will make those who believe in him seem to think that the rest of the world has gone mad. This type of incitation, this push towards a distortion of reality can easily cause violence. When conspiracy theories and lies are presented to an already angry base, violence can and has happen. The shooting up of a Pizza Restaurant in Washington DC bizarre because propaganda led people to believe that Hillary Clinton led a child-pedophilia ring out of the restaurants basement, a basement that doesn’t even exist apparently.

Nonetheless, people disregard the weird perception one must have on reality in order to believe it to begin with, that is what a decade of propaganda, that has become increasingly bizarre and volatile, has done to a good portion of the population.

Trumps tweet today will go unchecked by millions, taken for granted as true. Millions more will perceive a madness in the world of Europe’s leaders that does not exist, because their words and thoughts are twisted by a deviant in charge of the country.

His words and falsehoods undoubtedly are causing major destruction to the mindsets of millions of his followers and supporters, which in turn will turn them on anyone who doesn’t think what he states his true, for reasons again outlined in my May 17th post. While the nation looks for stability and leadership from Trump, those that believe him are being misled and essentially, abused mentally, while those who know better might be subject to the abuse and scorn of his illusioned followers.

There is a problem running amok in the nation and the internet/social media is the medium that allowed this problem to spread. It is no different for the means of ISIS ideology to radicalize anyone at anytime, any place. Falsehoods. Lies. Propaganda. Deceit. Misinformation. The interesting thing is that ISIS, too, is a fascist regime powered by the same type of discussions across the internet.

I saw the propaganda, lies and garbage that brought many voters as well as Trump to begin their bizarre perception of reality and said nothing. It was so outlandish I figured it wouldn’t be believed, but I was incorrect. It wasn’t until 2016 when I fully realized how someone could vote for a someone who spoke words so evil at the Jewish population of Germany in the 1930’s. I now know how propaganda and lies can take a good portion of the population by storm and we have been seeing it for nearly a decade now. The Nazi movement too, had its roots in the 1920’s, fueled by lies and strawmen arguments, demonization of certain types of people, dividing people through labels and words and mischaracterizations.

“There was truth and there was untruth, and if you clung to the truth even against the whole world, you were not mad.’”

We can understand the truth here, we can analyze what’s happening and we can call a spade a spade, regardless of how bizarre and unbelievable it has become. These are dangerous and interesting times and we the people need cogent explanations of just how reckless, delusional, brazen and perilous that this administration is.


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