Comey’s Testimony and the Spin that Followed

How can Comey be a liar and “totally vindicate” Trump at the same time? The two assertions by Trump don’t go together, and this proves he has lied and contradicted himself once again. Vindication does not come through the former FBI director flat out calling Trump a liar, and posting an account of manipulative tactics and underhanded methods that implies Trump knew he was doing something inappropriate. Comey was not proven to be a liar.

Trump wants to exonerate himself in the public eye because he wants to continue the propaganda. I’m not sure if the propaganda is a by-product of the depraved desire to feel acceptance beyond what is possible, or if it is a calculated move, but the end product reeks of fascism just the same.

There has been an inability for Trump, his supporters and his Administration to admit any fault to an extent that has gone beyond bizarre. There have been others that have presented themselves in a similar manner, we know them as some of the most infamous leaders in world history.

The administrations psychosomatic narrative, this amateur hour hustle that may have gotten Trump somewhere in shady “Trump” brand dealings, does not cut it when running a superpower. The population, aside from the deluded 30% or so that has been brainwashed by decades of propaganda, can see through this madness – yet the administration attempts to defend the indefensible anyway.

Do they believe the lies and rationalizations themselves? It is very possible. It is very scary if they do. They are on a path that the likes of which was never seriously thought to occur in these United States. A degenerate, damaging administration who’s impact will reverberate through time and history, and not on the good side of it. The propaganda, lies, and spin will continue to produce a false narrative and false perception of reality, all to pander to a base that already believes he can do no wrong and divide those who know better even further. This is nothing short of abusing his faithful followers, taking full advantage of a feverish bias that has cast them under a spell of illusionment. It is mental abuse and it is far from normal.


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