Epidemic Propaganda

There’s a Facebook post currently going around, its being shared thousands of times. This is how fake news and propaganda is spread to the masses. We will have millions of people believing in the lies below. This is no different than the weird propaganda and lies that led to Trump being elected, as it was being pushed in epidemic proportions pushed to the masses the past decade by satisfying preconceived notions.

My annotations of true/false are next to it. When I state false, it doesn’t mean that the opposite is true either, just that it is not known.

The post is titled, “The top 10 things we learned today:”

1. Trump was never under investigation. – True
2. Trump did not obstruct justice. – False
3. Trump did not collude with Russia. – False
4. Russia did not alter the election outcome. – False
5. Comey leaked his own memo. – True
6. Loretta Lynch pressured Comey to cover for Hillary Clinton. – Half Truth
7. There was ample evidence to put Hillary in jail but Comey chose not to pursue it. – False
8. CNN and other fake news outlets have been lying / making things up this entire time. – False
9. The Democratic Party no longer has the ability to scream “RUSSIA” every time Trump tries to do something. – False
10. The Russia story is dead – any democrat who continue to push it will look foolish and insane to the American people. – False

This post was a speedy way to disseminate propaganda to the masses, with no real credible source, just weird facebook pages and weird biased “pundits” with large followers who post propaganda all day.

So it continues, No change on the direction we have been heading, a continual divisive split of partisan madness in which the morality at the highest level has crumbled and that crumbled morality has trickled down to the citizens of the United States. It’s only right if I do it, wrong if you do it.

The weird way in which bias has consumed the nation, continues to lead us into the downward spiral postulated decades ago, in which we see the more defined effect today, that the United States has lost grip on its position as global leader.

The people have succumbed to believe whatever truth they want to believe and the propagandists take full advantage. Those in Congress surely understand this and feed off the pulse of the people, because ultimately it is only we who would hold our government accountable. When enough people have an idea of what the government is doing that is shrouded in lies, there is no holding anything accountable.

In any case, it seems we are headed to know what the truth is regardless of the propaganda and Mueller’s investigation will lead us there.

Overall, today was another damning indication of the madness of the administration that lead people to propagate such lies. Today, Trump denied everything Comey said, that he never asked for loyalty, never asked about Flynn. The same man who settled a Fake University fraud case for 25 million is essentially calling the former FBI director who called him a liar, a liar. This is the same man who denied that Russia hacked the DNC until he accepted they did, the same man that said Obama was born in Kenya until he accepted he wasn’t, the same man who threatened Comey with having video tapes of his conversations after firing him, because he seemed to feel threatened by what Comey knew about their discussions. If Comey made all this up, it’s very weird for him to say Trump merely “hoped” he could let this go. You’d think Comey would flat out just say whatever he wanted to make Trump say, such as make up the lie that Trump asked him directly to let Flynn off the hook. It’s pretty easy to see who is telling the truth.


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