Trump the Doomed

Trump continues to divide the country further, acting like a juvenile twit. He continues to push his fervent base into a frenzy of anti media, anti criticism, presenting further his continued desire to lash out at anyone who doesn’t present him in a perfect light, of which of course is far from warranted.

A phrase comes to mind, “weaponizing distrust”, however it doesn’t go anywhere. In the beginning Trump waged a war he couldn’t win. The only victory is for those who only believe any words that he says and not reality, which there is no way to avoid that victory, considering cult is far from able to achieve disillusionment.

When only positive news is able to be allowed from the Trump administration, Trump and team must somehow not understand when things go wrong, when investigations occur, when talks of obstruction of justice, impeachment mount. It must not make sense to those who only wish to somehow believe the words of Trump and the completely out of line propaganda machine the likes of Breitbart, Milo, and the rest of the Alt-Reich deviants push forward for their 15 minutes of fame.

It’s not a surprise that one of the wealthiest, most powerful man in the history of the world, the one in control of the most powerful nation can never seem to be happy in life. He is constantly exposing his insecurities and unhappiness by projecting and attacking others. “A man who is not afraid is not aggressive”. Knowledge, discipline, calmness, peace… these things are what truly is power, these things are none of what Trump can ever possess,. This reason is why I see him as a sad, doomed man, forever unable to achieve what he desires most, because he is so far gone, he forgot what it is he desires, but seems to grasp at ways to get some semblance of it. All the while, failing, living ignorantly and weakly, a weird paradox of being at the top and at the bottom all at once.


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