I remember when Alex Jones first came on the scene. He became famous by propagating anti government paranoia back when the 9-11 truther movement originated, when they claimed George Bush and company orchestrated the attack on ourselves. The fervor from this anti propaganda morphed on to whatever political or world occurrence that happened next. It morphed into a delusional freak show of an unending web of lies and self centered illusions to continue the mental schema of paranoia, being a victim, and essentially attempting to gain power over a situation they deemed powerless on. The fantasy of having this knowledge of what “really” happened, and as such this power over these global elites, made them feel, well, more powerful.

The conspiracy theories that Jones propagated then morphed into fodder for some and many in the right wing. Infowars and prison planet were getting more and more hits. People felt empowered to “finally know the truth”, and as such grasp onto power over people that made them feel powerless.

Trump is a man that has validated the likes of Alex Jones. Trump got creamed in the 2008 mortgage banking and property crisis, which seems to have had a great effect on his perception of reality. It seemed that he felt powerless and latching on to these conspiracy theories in turn made him feel like he had his pre-2008 power back. It’s the nature of why conspiracy theories can become not only self redeeming, but addictive.

The propagation of the media being some globalist agenda that essentially shrouds the citizens of the world from the essential truths, such as reptilians running the planet, or some secret illuminati agenda that secretly rules the world commenced on-wards.

I saw all this happening and gaining ground and most if not all reasonable intelligent people just dismissed these weird theories and ignored them. Don’t engage the trolls, they thought. What happened to this stream of thought traveling by word of mouth from person to person, share to share, became a regular attack on Barrack Obama after Bush left office.

It gained ground, people who hated the elite, the globalists, the Illuminati or whatever they wanted to be the enemy, seemed to transfer this sense of mind to people who were suspect to this because we had a black man from Kenya as president, a communist, or someone who is going to take our guns. Obama’s opposition got squashed, but the delirium remained. People ignored the rabid underground right wing as they went on in their dangerously small bubble on social media, and morphed with the typical republican voter by extension of their friends and family.

The clicks of links on things and fake news that were outrageous and absurd gained more and more revenue, so more and more outrage and nonsense was disseminated to the right wing voter.  The left, meanwhile, was having a geek revival.  The revenge of the nerds. Geek became chic, science and intelligence were hip, and the average yokel who couldn’t think on that level became disenfranchised even more with the continual globalization and lack of recognition. Conspiracy theories have them power over all this. Trump too needed that power it seems and he goes on to lead a campaign rooted in the delusions of the popularity of Alex Jones types and the forgotten man. The conservative changed and went bizarrely right and anti elite in a manner that the disenfranchised could be redeemed by. If they believe it, it became their reality. The fervor leads to a conspiracy truth challenged delusional narcissist as President, backed by zombie like cult members that I could only compare to the same type of people under the spell of Nazi propaganda in the 1930’s.

These people who considered themselves patriots, became party loyalists. Nationalists, they claim they are.  More importantly though was their echo chamber and bubble of a weird emerging group of disenfranchised conspiracy theorist right wingers. The anti intellectual. Disenfranchised by their own lack of comprehending complex political issues.  It’s easier to believe a propagandistic picture with 5 words telling everyone how evil Obama is.  Someone with the wealth of human knowledge at their fingertips, who chose to explore their own preconceived notions instead.

Now we have people throwing away our standards of national democracy in favor of this bizarre party.

I don’t appreciate people hijacking patriotism and skewering it into some Alt -Right spell blinding conspiracy riddled madness that ultimately came from the same bizarre train of thoughts like Sandi hook not happening or 9-11 was an inside job.

I sat by watching these weirdos spread this nonsense for way too long, dismissing them as isolated loons. It turns out I shouldn’t have done that. But I am not going to threaten people. But I am angry. I’m angry that I knew better and could have tried at least to prevent some of my family to turn into delirious weirdos. Nonetheless, the anger will never overwhelm me like I’ve seen in the hate distributed from right wing meme’s and crass rude behavior.

I let it ride because I didn’t know how extensive it was, to cause someone like Trump come to power. I thought we were better than that as a nation. I thought most voters would be reasonable enough in this country. It is now apparent that they aren’t. I’m a patriot, Paul, I want what’s best for this nation. I want what’s best for you. I think you do to. Attacking people physically isn’t going to do that, but this conspiracy theory crowd have gone too far. You’re a part of that as you already have shown, and I don’t think telling people in a calm and pleasant scientific manner is necessarily going to get through to everyone, but I think there’s a way. It has something to do with this sense of superiority that conspiracy theorists get, and it’s unwarranted. They didn’t earn it, they didn’t achieve anything, they just believed it, and viola, instant power. But then there’s this slavish mentality too, to the cult leader. Hitler had it under him, Trump has it under him.

There’s a reason why certain people are seen as elite, and it’s not just money. It’s not some goofy IQ test. People who assume things get themselves into trouble. People who have false perceptions of reality get themselves into trouble. People with false perceptions of reality fail. These failures somehow eked out a fluke of a win with Trump, for many reasons outlined above. History won’t be looking kind upon this group. It’s not going to last long. It barely got in. Now that people are paying attention to the illogical madness, lies and conspiracy theories that this group purports there’s going to be a lot of backlash for you and your perception of reality. This is just the beginning.

“There was truth and there was untruth, and if you clung to the truth you were not mad.” I see foaming at the mouth wingnuts spreading Goebbel-esque propaganda on a regular basis.

You can’t out-think people who have truth and logical reasons on their side. It’s not about party affiliation, it’s about reasonable human beings vs delusional, and delusional people can’t sustain against logic and reason, unless they wish to fight physically. Until then, your chances are dim. But reasonable people have the upper hand here and always will, Intelsat things turn violent. I don’t think reasonable people are going to be the ones that instigate that. I haven’t met one person from that group who could tell fact from fiction anymore.  It is a shame, a sham and a total failure of rational thought.


A Dangerous Sign of our Error-Free Administration


There has been an inability for Trump and his Administration to admit any fault to an extent that has gone beyond bizarre. There have been others that have presented themselves in a similar manner, we know them as some of the most infamous leaders in world history.

We see Trumps narcissism on full display through his inability to admit fault on so many occasions, constantly doubling down on ridiculous notions, falsehoods, conspiracy theories, and flat out stupidity in the face of nation that over half of its citizens know better. It becomes vicariously embarrassing to witness.

What is extremely odd to me, is to what lengths Trump, his administration, the propaganda machine, and subsequently his supporters go to rationalize every wrong move by Trump in an attempt to skew truth and reason to make it look “good”. It is far beyond preposterous on many occasions to do so. With reports coming out that the administration was in turmoil, Trump states proudly that his administration is “A fine tuned machine”, a joke that reverberates today to all but those not emotionally invested in what has became glaringly obvious, a political cult.

Among one of the most trivial matters when Trump mistakenly tweeted “covfefe”, Sean Spicer refused to admit it was in error and that it was a word known to a small circle of people. When asked what it meant, Spicer ignored the question and moved on to another. What was a funny, light-hearted error has become a sign of something dangerous, of something sinister, an inability to own up to fault.

Today, even after getting clarification from the Mayor of London in regards to his tweet, as well as clarification from the media, Trump brazenly states:

“Pathetic excuse by London Mayor Sadiq Khan who had to think fast on his “no reason to be alarmed” statement. MSM is working hard to sell it!”

The reasonable world knows that the London Mayor was stating “there was no reason to be alarmed” because of the increased police presence, in order to prevent people from assuming another attack was occurring. This was evident and contrary to what Trump and his cult would want to imply, that being that the mayor is weak on terrorism and wishes to present to the people that a terrorist attack is no reason to be alarmed.

This sign of the dangerous inability for the cult to admit any error, mistakes or wrongdoing that was there all along. It has gained steam in recent weeks, with the administration refusing to admit that Trumps trip overseas was anything but glorious and a massive success, despite alienating some of our historically important and most prevalent key allies further. There was no admitting error in Trumps call for a Muslim ban, instead he threatened the court to see them in court. The list goes on and on.

Just as disturbingly, Trump’s “White House Director of Strategic Communications”, Hope Hicks, released this:

“President Trump has a magnetic personality and exudes positive energy, which is infectious to those around him,” the statement said. “He has an unparalleled ability to communicate with people, whether he is speaking to a room of three or an arena of 30,000. He has built great relationships throughout his life and treats everyone with respect. He is brilliant with a great sense of humor . . . and an amazing ability to make people feel special and aspire to be more than even they thought possible.”

A picture that captures this sentiment in my mind:

Of course, this whole idea of Trump being positive, magnetic and his unparalleled ability to communicate is laughable. What we have here is an inability to admit flaws, to present their savior in an infallible light. What is amazing, is that this sentiment trickles down to every day Trump supporters. Anyone engaging with some negative commentary on Trump in an open forum online will know what I am referring to. There is no admitting Trump and team is wrong. There, lying in wait is a constant swarm of frothy supporters who wish to rationalize every wrong to a right.

I’m sure a psychological phenomenon ought to be attributed to such mass behavior. Today we are living in a golden age for political scientists and psychologists to take to the helm to identify and describe this absolutely queer behavior. Of course, not every Trump supporter will react in this manner either, but you can be sure there are many who do.

It seems part of this inability to fess up to error to might be do the immense pressure that the White House and their supporters are enduring. The emotional investment into the most disastrous and incompetent presidency we have ever witnessed can take its toll on supporters.

The danger of not admitting error, the likeness of that quality aligns with Hitler, the massive push of the right wing to go so far right that anything that resembles actual news and fact becomes is a liberal conspiracy. The massive amount of propaganda that is being dispersed daily, which really ramped up at the onset of the Obama administration and the beginning of social media led to the wracking of Trump and similar minds to be reduced to delusional conspiracy theories to justify why their leader is infallible and the victim of a media onslaught. The propaganda is epidemic and has affected millions. Yet, it is no wonder there are daily leakers blowing the whistle on this administration on a regular basis.

The administrations psychosomatic narrative, this amateur hour hustle that may have gotten Trump somewhere in shady “Trump” brand dealings, but it does not cut it when running a superpower. The population, aside from the deluded 30% or so that has been brainwashed by decades of propaganda, can see through this madness – yet they attempt to legitimize it anyway.

Do they believe the lies and rationalizations themselves? It is very possible. It is very scary if they do. They are on a path that the likes of which was never seriously thought to occur in these United States. A degenerate, fascist, damaging administration who’s impact will reverberate through time and history, and not on the good side of it. The propaganda, lies, and spin will continue to produce a false narrative and false perception of reality, all to pander to a base that already believes he can do no wrong and divide those who know better even further.

Just who are the Patriots here?


There is an absurdity of hijacking the term “patriot” by party loyalists that is exposed when they see no problem with a foreign power interfering with our democratic processes. It’s ok for them, because it benefited their *party*, not the nation.

The slippery slope of turning a blind eye to that, the myopic idiocy of putting the party ahead of the nation is detrimental to us all. Patriots are the last thing these people are. If a socialist totalitarian regime aided and interfered in the same way to instill a totalitarian socialist, they’d see it differently. But its too late for this disturbed demented political cult. They are not patriots, they are party loyalists and detrimental to the very fabric of what this country was founded on. Independence from foreign powers.

The Delusions of the Failed Right Wing.

The list of falsehoods and conspiracy theories Trump has purveyed is staggering. Trump’s reality is a delusion that is sustained by the rampant propaganda of bizarre right wing websites. Not only is Trump a victim of blatant propaganda, conspiracy theories and lies by consuming and believing in it, he is a purveyor of it.

The delusions of the right wing and misunderstanding of reality is due to a lack of critical thinking and confirmation bias that runs rampant in an increasingly complex world.

It’s easy for non-thinking know nothings to misrepresent things when you don’t understand them. They characterize and frame a straw-man representation, to argue against something ridiculous. This happens constantly, because thinking is very hard in a complex world. Science is beyond simple truths that water freezes at 32 degrees, its beyond what the average person can even fathom, let alone even begin to understand.

So understand it they won’t, because science and knowledge of the world reduces the fiction of religion at a steady pace. Science doesn’t care what you believe.

As far as the delusions of the right wing, the rise of propagandistic social media and fake news has enraptured and enthralled Trump supporters, because they want to believe it. This causes them to have a conflict with reality. “Alternative facts”, they claim, and conspiracy theories are created to rationalize their idiotic perception of reality based on whatever picture with 4 words that their dimwitted cousin shared on Facebook.

So justifiably “true” news becomes “fake news”. Ignorance becomes strength. They are in too deep and these delusions that millions of illegals voted, that Obama tapped Trump tower, that Hillary sold Uranium to the Russians must persist for them, or their entire world view will become shattered. Psychology tells us the brain won’t allow that. The decay will be gradual. Until then, there will be serious damage to the United States of America and its institutions of knowledge and justice.

Wings for Mom



The Alt-Reich’s Attempt to Push Fascism as a Left Wing Trait

pepetrump.png-large-800x430There have been attempts by right wingers recently to attempt to distance certain right wingers as fascist or certain fascists as right wingers. In turn, they are also looking to seek out that the left can be fascist too. One of which is Dennis Prager, a right wing talk show host that I listen to around lunch every day on Chicago’s AM 560 right wing talk radio station. Dennis has become increasingly alt-right since Trump’s nomination. In any case, it was just yesterday that Prager was parroting this same type of sentiment which seems to be passing around the right wing hive mind, in which independent thought has been obliterated long ago.