The Delusions of the Failed Right Wing.

The list of falsehoods and conspiracy theories Trump has purveyed is staggering. Trump’s reality is a delusion that is sustained by the rampant propaganda of bizarre right wing websites. Not only is Trump a victim of blatant propaganda, conspiracy theories and lies by consuming and believing in it, he is a purveyor of it.

The delusions of the right wing and misunderstanding of reality is due to a lack of critical thinking and confirmation bias that runs rampant in an increasingly complex world.

It’s easy for non-thinking know nothings to misrepresent things when you don’t understand them. They characterize and frame a straw-man representation, to argue against something ridiculous. This happens constantly, because thinking is very hard in a complex world. Science is beyond simple truths that water freezes at 32 degrees, its beyond what the average person can even fathom, let alone even begin to understand.

So understand it they won’t, because science and knowledge of the world reduces the fiction of religion at a steady pace. Science doesn’t care what you believe.

As far as the delusions of the right wing, the rise of propagandistic social media and fake news has enraptured and enthralled Trump supporters, because they want to believe it. This causes them to have a conflict with reality. “Alternative facts”, they claim, and conspiracy theories are created to rationalize their idiotic perception of reality based on whatever picture with 4 words that their dimwitted cousin shared on Facebook.

So justifiably “true” news becomes “fake news”. Ignorance becomes strength. They are in too deep and these delusions that millions of illegals voted, that Obama tapped Trump tower, that Hillary sold Uranium to the Russians must persist for them, or their entire world view will become shattered. Psychology tells us the brain won’t allow that. The decay will be gradual. Until then, there will be serious damage to the United States of America and its institutions of knowledge and justice.

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The Alt-Reich’s Attempt to Push Fascism as a Left Wing Trait

pepetrump.png-large-800x430There have been attempts by right wingers recently to attempt to distance certain right wingers as fascist or certain fascists as right wingers. In turn, they are also looking to seek out that the left can be fascist too. One of which is Dennis Prager, a right wing talk show host that I listen to around lunch every day on Chicago’s AM 560 right wing talk radio station. Dennis has become increasingly alt-right since Trump’s nomination. In any case, it was just yesterday that Prager was parroting this same type of sentiment which seems to be passing around the right wing hive mind, in which independent thought has been obliterated long ago.

The Fall, the Downward Spiral Continues…

You don’t hear about excitement for the United States and the future anymore. That was decades ago. It has been replaced by analysis of its decline, the end of an empire, predictions of doom and gloom. Countries like China stimulate discussion of growth and it’s rise of power, numerous postulations about it overtaking as the premiere superpower in decades to come resonate through geo-political discussions.

Of course, this is normal, it’s likely the United States has peaked. Just as Rome “sank into debauchery and dissipation as a result of great wealth and luxury”, we too see the effects of this. Crassness is certainly linked to debauchery in essence, however that is just the tip of the iceberg of a population filled with undisciplined slobs who forsake the effort to gain knowledge in favor of hedonistic pleasures. Thug culture is glamorized, science scorned, all institutions that uphold the sanctity of discipline, intellectualism, knowledge, health, human services and technological advancement are all no longer trusted.
Corporations feeding propaganda to people who promote fake science, people that don’t even partake in actual science are writing “scientific articles” that in effect only reinforce the money making machines of oil companies. Masses lap it up defying all past common sense and past instances of similar propaganda techniques administered by big oil previously, pushing for leaded gasoline as one example. Billionaires feeding lies to the people, to make more billions. This is what happens when the rich become too rich, the rich aren’t upholders of justice, truth, and light, and America has had its share of corporate and individual greed, ever growing, ever becoming more powerful to control and manipulate naive minds who are exploited.
The end is in sight, the decline of wisdom and virtue replaced by narcissism, confirmation bias and crassness. A major chunk of the nations values were built on belief and religion. This crumbling of the religious structure is itself not detrimental to a disciplined, thinking, wise people, however the era of discipline has come and gone. What values to replace it? How will they know where to look? When news, academia, science the institutions of knowledge aren’t trusted what will replace it? Corporate propaganda? Billionaire’s spamming social media with propagandistic trickery that feeds on the human nature of confirmation bias?
The culture has become corrosive, eroding into a competition to find out just how outrageous, grotesque and low we can go.
While we race to the bottom, there will be those of us who fight it tooth and nail. Join us. Resist.

The Destruction of the Presidency

Trumps Presidency began with lies, by stating the crowd at the inauguration was the biggest ever. It likely will end in lies, the question is will he be impeached with the Russia saga currently ongoing and showing a deeper connection on a daily basis. There is a disinformation campaign put forth by far right wing pundits, such as “Susan Rice” currently in the news, where they are attempting to legitimize a Trump tweet in which Obama “wiretapped Trump tower”. Of course, the claim coming before the evidence and evidence being twisted to suit the narrative. A sign of a squirming white house that reeks of guilt.

Trump has been anti american in attacking directly every U.S. institution aside from the Christian religion, but his actions and his claim of being Christian is an indirect attack against the faith in which he promotes directly or indirectly essentially what can be seen as an anti Christian philosophy on nearly every action and word spoken, if abstracted an analyzed.

Aside from that, the Trump Presidency has been the worst presidency in the history of the United States in only just a few months. Damaging the United States irreparably. Here’s how:

-Over a dozen sexual assault allegations. Elected after this occurred. Judging by his “locker room” talk, many of these probably did happen. Sexual predators are now allowed into the white house. Rabid Right wingers will foam at the mouth yelling Bill Clinton, but he was impeached for that and likely would not have been elected if it came out before his election. Personal integrity has been destroyed as a prerequisite for the Presidency.

-Conning members of Trump University in which he has had to pay out 25 million dollars to settle lawsuits. This may not even be over yet. Allowing a verifiable con man in to the white house has destroyed the sanctity of the Presidency. Nothing of this scope has ever occurred before. Frothy rabid right wingers will deflect and claim Hillary Clinton was a con artist, or Obama, it is all nonsense compared to this.

-Hired a Quasi- nazi into the white house, Sebastian Gorka, as terror advisor. A member of Vitézi Rend – Never before have we had such a scenario. The integrity of the qualifications for this administration has been lowered to the depraved depths of humanity.

-Attacking the free press for factual reporting in regards to factual instances of the Russian saga while him and his administration bloviate nonsensical fake news stories. Is it planned, or are they ignorant? Bowling Green, Trump Tower was tapped, The Sweden incident.

-Day one Trump painted an abysmal picture of the United States, in which the economy is ravaged. This parrots his campaign in which Trump lied about the unemployment rate, spreading known disinformation on what the actual unemployment rate is. Trump accepts the employment rate a month into his presidency as it is actually a good number, but one he inherited from Obama.

– Has taken credit for “jobs, jobs jobs” that actually are rooted in the Obama administration, a dastardly method of getting the people to clamor for a half truths all in the name of inflating his ego and partisanship.

– Pretends to offer things that couldn’t possibly occur, such as “Mothers and children trapped in poverty in our inner cities.. this American carnage stops right here and stops right now.” Of course, this is propaganda, it is a lie, it will not stop, it has not stopped and speaking like this is bad for reality, the truth, and the integrity of the presidency as well as the United States.

-“We have the all-time record in the history of Time magazine… I’ve been on it for 15 times this year”. Trump’s lies know no bounds. Anything to present himself as the greatest thing since sliced bread. A disaster for the presidency, integrity and the United States to speak in this manner.

-The administration has actually promoted the products of the Trump Family on television. Aside from that, nepotism is in play. Trumps is profiting from the presidency far than his measly Presidential salary he donates. May as well turn the white house into QVC. A truly disgusting occurrence.

-Began a war with the media, something only Richard Nixon has stated behind closed doors. Publicly engaging the media in the manner Trump has against another American institution is telling of his issue he has with facts. Fake news is real news to Trump and his administration, real news is fake news. CNN has broken open some news stories that keeps pushing the Russia saga, and Trump is pushing the envelope further by feeding off the frothy rabid right wing base that paradoxically hates the media is doing nothing but damaging his reputation, the integrity of the United States, the office of the Presidency. Trump and this administration have made themselves to come to not having a distinction between themselves and pure propagandists on the level of Goebbels.

-Claims the opposite of what he actually is. “I’m a very big person when it comes to the environment. I have received awards on the environment”.
Another lie, – meanwhile Trump has put someone in charge of the EPA who wanted to destroy the EPA.

-Lies about creating more jobs than what actually occurred “This is on the keystone pipeline… A lot of jobs, 28,000 jobs. Great construction jobs” Actual numbers are 4,000. Meanwhile, they have used Canadian-Russian steel, reversing his pledge to have them use U.S. steel.

-“You had millions of people that now aren’t insured anymore” – Trump lies about Obama care.  Failed to “repeal and replace” Showed he does not understand anything about the situation to lead anywhere on health care reform. “Who knew healthcare was so complicated”

-Openly and brazenly (as usual) attempted to implement an obvious Muslim ban in which the judiciary struck down as unconstitutional twice, due to his and Guilianni’s open claims on what it was. His attitude and open talk promotes more divisiveness on the matter, while accomplishing nothing but failure.

-Falsely claimed 3 million illegals voted to soothe his ego about losing the popular vote. No evidence produced to date.

-Falsely claimed he won the election by a landslide. More propaganda pushing sentiment. A disaster of the presidency to spread lies on this level. Nothing is sacred anymore.

-Falsely claims the murder rate is on the rise, possibly to advance another narrative of “law and order” that is needed. A despicable being promoting more false information… indeed.

-Has yet to criticize Putin or Russia, tossed out the idea of lifting sanctions on Russia after the Crimea invasion. More and more bizarre ties coming out over possible collusion with Russia. Flynn, Manafort, all guilty. Blackstone coordinating a fishy offshore meeting in creating a back channel Putin Trump has came out in recent days. Meanwhile Trump claims its all fake news, every day, more real news comes out that pushes the ties closer and closer to possible collusion. Nothing on this scale has ever occurred before in the United States, truly damaging no matter what the outcome is as of this point.

-Stated “FBI Director Comey: fmr. DNI Clapper ‘right’ to say no evidence of collusion between Russia and Trump Campaign.” Apparently making people think comey said something else will make it all go away. His defensiveness in the manner resembles Nixon. A disaster in integrity.

-Has threatened our allies and spoken kind words with authoritarians. Completely anti-american in foreign policy.

-Attacked the judiciary for ruling against his executive orders. Completely anti american in understanding the U.S. government, has completely destroyed the sanctity of the presidency in regards to upholding the sanctity of the judicial branch. As such, has shown no respect for American institutions or rule of law. A complete disaster.

The Presidency and the administration has of now, no credibility. An unprecedented numbers of lies, half truths, misinformation campaigns, dispersion of blatant propaganda have destroyed the institution of the presidency. There’s not much lower we can go, aside from rounding up millions of any ethnic group and killing them or sending our soldiers off to die in some pointless war. Of course, some of his frothy supporters are already calling for it.


I have been taking a lot of time reflecting on my entire life, from my earliest memories upward. To reconnect with myself, to appreciate the longevity of my life so far, to appreciate all of the things I have experienced. It is a daunting and even time consuming task to remember, and I have been thinking about logging my memories in a chronological order, adding photos and notes, just for myself, to see if I can gain a new perspective, new insight on who I am. The task is going into the mundane, not the most important times or the most memorable things, the hard to reach memories.

Some of my most precious and some of the most uncomfortable memories are the ones in which you actually remember the way you felt at the time, the smells of your memory, the way you thought even, in turn, forgetting all the experiences after that point in time in order to go back to the frame of mind one had then.

It seems like a magical experience to bring to mind the frame of reference of those memories. Often we can remember something fairly easy, but taking the time to really analyze the memory, to remember deeper, to become immersed in the memory.

I recently remembered something I may rarely have previously ever remembered. Understanding memories may become memories of memories, I’m not quite sure if I remembered it before. But nonetheless the feeling of security, that all was right, at an age of 2 or 3, while my mother held me in her arms as I sat on her lap. Do you remember what it was like to be that age? To remember how you felt and thought, to immerse yourself in that feeling. The feeling of that moment, sitting there being held, is somewhat corrupted by what I know now. That being, hindsight is 20/20 so to speak, in that while I didn’t know what being “safe” or “secure” was at the time, but I do now, and that was certainly the epitome of feeling as safe as I may ever have. To not have the concerns of the responsibilities now, to not have the knowledge I have now, to not be concerned with the future, to not remember the past previously, to be immersed in the moment sitting with my mother at a very young age while she read a book. To not have any feeling of anxiety or concern, to feel that end of day sense of being tired. To smell my mother again, to feel the clothes and her body warmth, her breathe from her nose coming down upon me at times. To not know what happened previously or what will happen next and not even think about it. What’s certain is the sense of myself as well in the memory, yet so different as well. I know myself in my memory just as I know myself now. It seems we think similarly throughout the length of our existence on things but in turn also experience things differently now than we would have then.

Can this memory be true as I described? Or is it only true as I look at it from my perspective now? Was it what I remember or was it what I described yet didn’t know enough to describe it as I did until now? How do we know, how do I know?

The Propaganda is Everywhere

The propaganda is everywhere. Things are definitely looking to get worse before they get better. Those who rely on social media for their news are getting a majority of lies, its rampant.

I’ve never seen so many people who don’t have an understanding of what’s going on. Everyone’s a conspiracy theorist now, schools are evil, thus education is bad, intelligent discussions aren’t tolerated because they aren’t understood and nobody has time to seek the truth. It comes down to laziness, incompetence, hearing what you want to hear.

Its hard work this day and age to understand what’s going on, you can’t just read a bunch of articles or statements from people that agree with what your preconceived notions are. You have to go far beyond that.

Welcome to the age of misinformation, where people’s conspiracy theories without evidence are believed all due to confirmation bias.

Yes, people need to think and do hard work before spouting off nonsense opinions, straw-men arguments, because its too dangerous to spread lies this day and age, people’s livelihood and lives depend on truth being known, not beliefs. If you don’t know, ignorance ought to be embraced, not suspicion.

There’s too much divisiveness out there, too much ignorance, too many lies, too much propaganda and too much hate in order to spread disinformation.