It is important to stress, that the experience of living now has taught me much about the rise of hate filled fascist sentiment in the 1930’s and studying the 1930’s rise of hate filled fascist sentiment then has taught me much about now.

Germany in the early 1930’s was a Christian nation of course, aside from the “foreign” and “clannish” Semitic Jew, that were perceived as being successful during Germany’s economic plight. It was indeed those people that have some inherent need to have “faith” use that mentality and put their faith in Hitler. He too said publicly the very things that they thought. Which of course, was the very things that was fed to them by years of hate filled demonizing propaganda that was spread previously, primarily about Jews and communists. Both of which were there of course, to take their money, the money that they already didn’t have much of after losing World War I and paying reparations and then on top of that being crushed by the Great Depression that hit in 1929.

While Hitler rose up and reiterated the hate filled propaganda that was coursing through the financially wrecked and vulnerable German, we have seen stunning parallels of history repeating itself to some degree with rise of fascist hate today and the rise of Trump stating exactly the same things that Republicans have been fed, through the past 10 years of hate filled propaganda being spread in epidemic proportions online.

The United States of course, experienced its much milder yet still crushing economic collapse for many in 2008. While the severity of the economic plight of Germany was far worse, the severity and steady heavy handed daily dose of hate filled demonizations of liberals and democrats, the left, commenced like tidal wave through the means of spreading these lies so easily on social media.

Both Trump and Hitler reinforced the hatred that the people have been conditioned to for at least a decade prior. Both Trump and Hitler were victims of the same hate filled propaganda of course as well, in that they succumbed to it and let it consume them to a polarizing far right blinding bias filled with hate and anger.

The Christian, both then and now, seem to have been overly politicized and subject to these beliefs, these conspiracy theories, these lies. Its it the faith susceptible mind? Perhaps. But nonetheless, both leaders spoke in hate-filled degenerate paths that already was mapped out for them just waiting to be spoken. Both Trump and Hitler were a symbol of the hatred that the Nazi German and Republican had for the left and was in turn, a symbol of their hope for vindication for the evil supposedly done unto them. This turns both of them into a savior, for the propagandized and hate filled faith susceptible. The warping among some of these folks both then and now seemed to deify Hitler, same as these attempts to Deify Trump.

It is a weird perversion that this hatred does to a mind, warping and twisting into full blown delusion and susceptibility to believing polarizing conspiracy theories as long as it paints their enemies as what they want them to be, which is ironically as evil as they themselves have become.

Maybe this perverse hatred is a projection of some subconscious hate for themselves maybe. Maybe it is an evolutionary proponent itself that causes this warping to eventually self destruct and kill itself for the betterment of man kind, while violently taking what it can with them. Fascism is a death throe of ideology, it is self defeating and cannot stand. The pure hatred Hitler had for communism led for him to ignorantly, brazenly and foolishly attack the Soviet Union to expedite the downfall of Germany, all while the rabid followers trusted the plan, until it was apparent to some that the plan could not be trusted.


What it is, is hatred.

My brother, pictured, died in Vietnam. Ran over an explosive land mine in his Jeep, before I was born. My father, an old farm boy who grew up in the Great Depression while my Grandfather had to sell newspapers to find ways to feed the family. My father feared communism and its implications, as well as Nazis, and despised our government for sending a 20 year old to die. in a war that wasn’t about us. He lamented often about the loss of his son, decades later. It never went away, the hurt.
My father worked over 40 years in rotating shifts at the steel mills as a mechanic. His voice was so loud I could hear him call me home from 5 blocks away, commanding me it was time to get home. My mother, a member of Eagle Forum, wrote often about maintaining conservative ideology and values, particularly wholesome family values. Wrote editorials in our local paper. She volunteered for Birthright. Vouched for democracy and helped on election day. Fought against pornography, against contraceptives.
We went to church every Sunday.
None of what we see today in the Republican Party are conservative values anymore. Hatred of Americans, hatred of the press. Hatred of Democrats. Hatred of schools. Hatred of Science. What we see is hatred, what we hear is hatred and what it is hatred. 

The Essence of Fascism

The past 3 years of living in America have taught me a lot about the rise of fascism in the early 1930’s. The rise of fascism in the early 1930’s have taught me quite a bit about the time we are living in now in America. There are interesting and valid parallels, some of which I will present here.

The fascist mentality that rose in 1930’s was not something new though, at any time in history. It is a mentality that has deep roots that extend deep into humanity’s past. This mentality is not something that has disappeared as well, as many would want you to believe when you dare discuss the parallels of fascism in modern history. Of course, this is because they hold a mindset that ultimately will favor fascist hate filled sentiment when push comes to shove.

While fascism is totalitarian oppressive absolutism when implemented to the nth degree, the make up of fascism of course occurs well before any of that can or may even be possible to be implemented. That being, Hitler did not become a fascist when he became in power, Nazi’s were not suddenly fascist when they came in power, they were fascist long before they had any ability to implement their totalitarian regime. For the sake of argument, I will not be referring to fascism as a fully implemented absolute form of government, but the mentality behind it, the views of the fascist mind.

I have found that the essence of fascism is hatred and historically it is the hatred of leftism, liberals, and any ethnic minority groups or foreigners that are seen as a threat to the dominant culture of a nation. Fascism has risen out of economic and cultural plight simultaneously. In 1929, not only was the German economy wrecked from World War I reparations, the Great Depression began as well. This economic catastrophe left people broken and vulnerable, and one of the things they were left vulnerable to was hate. Now, there was hate filled demonizations of Jewish people preceding as well, as throughout human history any minority ethnic group is typically going to have a portion of the majority population to hate them, as they have not assimilated to the degree that the dominant culture demands. This hatred exploded with the economic plight of Germany, they were scapegoated and blamed for it and demonized with lies and hatred that if you believed the lies, it would make you hate them as well, and of course, left you with the delusion that they all must be killed. This is what demonization and hate filled propaganda results in.

The Jews, were speaking a foreign language, doing business with themselves primarily and had their own thriving subset of culture. Their businesses were sustained by Jewish customers and they had a subset of culture foreign to German culture. They were doing fairly well on their own and as such were hated and vulnerable to become the scapegoat for the economic plight of Germany. The similarity today of course, is the Mexican immigrant. They too speak a different language, they too have their foreign culture and they too have shops and little areas of cities in which stores show only Spanish signs. Many are here illegally and have been for some time. The lament of “press 1 for English and press 2 for Spanish when paying bills is used as fodder as to how they are coming into take “our land”. They are invaders, illegal or not, because enough of them have come here illegally to provide the demonization that they are bad hombres, sending their worst people, criminals, rapists. Any news instance of one of them doing anything of the sort is exploded as fodder for the justifications and rationalization to stereotype and demonize these illegal immigrants as evil and a scourge on white culture.

The United States had its economic plight as well, not as severe as Germany, but we did have the 2008 financial crisis which wrecked many Americans. While the United States recovered rather steadily in America, the hate filled demonizations of liberals that exploded on the scene around that time continued to fester and grow. The internet has made the dissemination of hate filled propaganda to be spread easily, in epidemic proportions. While we recovered economically fairly well, the demonization of liberals never waned. They too were the scapegoats of everything, regardless of reality. They allowed for Mexicans to come to the border, to “take our jobs”, even though white America would not necessarily even want the jobs that were being done. Conditions were ripe to point the finger for economic plight and fear that they were feeling, that their country was being overrun and white culture under threat.

Hatred was implemented based on lies and demonizations, in which Obama is seen by many as literally worse than Hitler, because of the lying hate filled propaganda they believed that would, if believed, would make you think the same. Vulnerable and angry at the situation, the conservatives found their scapegoat for the plight they perceived, which is largely based on lies with some reality mixed in, that led to a hate that seems to be only based on lying hate filled propaganda. It led to a divorce from reality in which fascism thrives. The rejection of the media, in favor of alternative facts and their hate filled conspiracy theory ridden alternative “news” in which every single instance of reality is perverted to a highly polarized biased slight that demonizes liberals and exonerates themselves from any wrong doing, daily this is pounded, by the hour, thriving rapid dissemination of lies that if you believe them, one can only hate in turn.

The essence of fascism has always been the hatred of liberals, communism, Marxism, the left, as Hitler and Mussolini exemplify. It is based on lies and it is the death throe of an ideal culture, a culture that was romanticized and may never have been.

On the Mainstream Media


“A free press is the cornerstone of democracy; there is no question about that.” -Hugh Grant

“The Founding Fathers gave the free press the protection it must have to bare the secrets of government and inform the people.” -Hugo Black

“The press doesn’t stop publishing, by the way, in a fascist escalation; it simply watches what it says. That too can be an incremental process, and the pace at which the free press polices itself depends on how journalists are targeted.” -Naomi Wolf

“When the public’s right to know is threatened, and when the rights of free speech and free press are at risk, all of the other liberties we hold dear are endangered.” -Christopher Dodd

“The objective I propose is quite simple to state: to foster the infrastructure of democracy – the system of a free press, unions, political parties, universities – which allows a people to choose their own way to develop their own culture, to reconcile their own differences through peaceful means.” -Ronald Reagan

In a nation with a populace strife with individuals with mental problems who go on killing sprees, we have propaganda outlets, President Trump and the swathe of rabid Trump supporters who despise the media, all pushing the envelope of demonizing the free press in the United States.  We would not find any difference I suspect if it were the Nazi’s themselves attempting to discredit and de-legitimatize the free press, aside from intentionally seeking out journalists systematically and killing them.  We have had mentally stable people already act on the epidemic copious dissemination of propaganda, such as the man who shot up Pizza Planet due to the accusations it was harboring a child pedophile ring for Hillary Clinton.

The continued attempt to debase, discredit and slander the media has ratcheted up in recent weeks again, with Trump hosting his “Fake News Awards”, which of course are all because of his incessant feud with the free press and the nature of what is happening around him, reality itself.  The daily dose of drama of backstabbing, crying, pointing the fingers at everyone but themselves for the negative news that has plagued the Trump administration. The delirious narcissistic delusions that are harbored by the president and sustained by his sycophant staff keep Trump going it seems, yet reality marches on.  No matter how much Trump screams fake news, the news pans out to be real.  A year of denying Russian involvement in our election and years of denying any sort of collusion, all being called fake news by the delirious and seemingly hopelessly cornered administration, an actual email broke out about Trump Jr and staff’s very own meeting they had with them, about Hilary’s emails, that ended up being purveyed by Wikileaks themselves, long considered to be a shill for Putin in the intelligence community.

While 30% of the population clings to an illogical, fragile, and hopelessly delusional sense of reality that comes with believing the words of Trump and the becomingly increasingly bizarre propaganda arm of this administration, Fox News, the United States hasn’t seen any greater peril since possibly 9/11, if not world war II.  As Putin salivates at the chance to peddle divisive propaganda among our nations social media, the president complies and pushes away from the news by preferring to think of it as fake and as such, make his loyal deluded followers agree.  There is a sickness in the nation, yet reality marches on forever showing Trump that this war against the media and reality, is unwinnable.  No matter how hard he squirms, the majority can see through the madness and delirium plaguing Trump and his supporters.  This was the case in Nazi Germany as well, Hitler did never win a popular vote and most of the German people never did align with Nazism, yet the nation suffered nonetheless.

We see the end of Trumpism is nigh, a delusion sustained by pure propaganda.  Reality marches on and it marches too against Trump, as his falsehoods and lies pile up, so does that of the bizarre propaganda sites peddled by the average Trump supporter of the past decade.  Fox News, has diminished its credibility even more so than it ever has with its ridiculous reports on Seth Rich and Uranium One that even they themselves have had to grapple with.  Yet there is a fervency in place that will make this a slow death.

For the mainstream media, we owe all of our thanks.  For reporting the facts and the truth, to the thoughtful analysis by well reasoned intellects, the champion through it all has shined ever bright, regardless of the mud slung at it.  Freedom of the Press is prevailing, so is its mark of credibility and integrity against the sheer veracity of a wounded delusional ideology.  Of course, mistakes will happen, should happen and do happen, yet through it all, there have been none that have appreciated the wealth of journalists and journalism in all that it has supplied in 2017.  For that, I am thankful for the work they have done, the strife they have endured.  The Mainstream Media has retained its dignity as a whole, the snake of Trumpism is crushing under its feet, gasping for the last of its sputtered breaths.  Yet it is not over, journalists may indeed get killed at the hand of some rabid Trump supporter.  Their call to kill journalists has been alarming, their hatred of media bound to their own rigid propagandized mind.  Yet, it always was fighting against a war that could not be press

It’s Heating Up

The lies out of Trump and the White House today will pile up the more they talk. Already lying about Papadopoulos and his role in their campaign. Likely will lie that nothing here has to do with collusion, when the guilty plea continues to point towards it.

Stale talking points will be brought up, fake news accusations will continue, whining, covering up and deflection will continue. Pretending Mueller has conflicts of interest, ramping up propaganda to commence his firing possibly. Months of Trump calling it a witch hunt and obstructing justice directly and indirectly through his words, the traitorous Nixonian mad man fumbling and fuming for excuses upon excuse, yet the relentless pursuit of justice is ultimately in play.

The finger pointing and lies, the push by Trump that we don’t know who did the hacking, the deflection from Russia by him and his blithering sycophants, all point towards a bigger fire smoldering.

Reality must not make sense when it doesn’t go their way, as such they succumb to fake news as their safe place, a place where all their wildest dreams come true and conspiracy theories are created when they don’t. Deep state must be at it again, perhaps, this is fake news, perhaps. But nonetheless reality persists and the news is real and there’s no amount of deflection that can take it away.

It is a sad day for America and for Americans that Trump continues his propaganda game through all his desire to push it aside, a president who supports disorder and breaking of laws by pretending its just a hoax.

9 Months of Garbage

We are nine months into the Trump administration and it has become nearly impossible to recollect the laundry list of scandal, lies, immoral, crass, ignorant, flat out dumbfounding and totalitarian anti American sentiment that has come out of the White House since.  It began on day one,  in which Trump in his inauguration speech depicted the United States as some sort of post apocalyptic ruin, a perverted dystopian world view which helped gain him votes to become President due to rampant propaganda against the prior administration, a lie that was exposed  after it was revealed the United States unemployment rate was a legitimate number as it continued its tick lower. Now, Trump was proud of the unemployment rate, no credit to his predecessor.  The stock market, who had been in a steady bull run for all of his predecessors 8 year term, was suddenly now his greatest accomplishment.  The distorting and twisting of reality, the gaslighting since, has known no bounds.  From lying about the inauguration crowd being the largest ever, a trivial matter, to lying about why he fired Comey, a matter of obstruction of justice, to lying about anyone whom he hates to make himself look better.  Which he does have a heart of hate, as it drips in form of his spiteful twitter feed, his sociopathic hypocrisy.  From decrying the qty of Obama’s golf outings which seem to be eclipsed by none other than his own, to his lying of conversations in which other people present can easily refute.  The credibility of the adminstration of course was crumbled long before the administration came to be, and the list of lies, gaslighting, conspiracy theories and deflections that have been committed since then is hard to grasp in full.  But at this nine month mark it can be easy to succumb to his twisted distortions and give up resisting due to mental fatigue and some may have.  But nonetheless, the base, wholly under the spell of propaganda that has elected Trump and twisted their world view into a polarized perception wholly consumed in the type of bias that fervent propaganda provides, seems to hover around the low 30% mark.  It is remarkable that George Bush was lower, considering George Bush, who many reasonable people considered the worst President of our era due to his unjust invasion on false pretenses into Iraq and the subsequent fear of overreaching government power through the Patriot Act, has become a voice of reason.  His presidency seems like nothing but somewhat of a negative now during this current era in which Trump brazenly blasts through the lowest of lows in a blistering pace in which rarely a week goes by in which the White House isn’t in some blithering discombobulated form of trying to dig its way out of reasonable public condemnation.

There is no reasonable disagreement to the horrendous ignorance and narcissism on display by this President, what you will see is bizarre deflections toward Obama or Hillary to gloss over the bizarre, lowly, deplorable lie, gaslighting and juvenile mannerisms of Trump.  Trump is the hero of the sociopaths and psychopaths, the nihilists and those who hate government with a passion, because what would they care we have a despicable human preside in the white house?  It is a passion for chaos and destruction that suits their bias, and Trump provides it.  Not only are white supremacists emboldened in our current era, so are those who violently oppose it.  The nation divides further and Trump’s narcissim and refusal to admit guilt, to admit the truth and his unwavering ability to lie even to himself about his own grandiosity continues to take its toll on the nation.  There have been cracks in the base, but the fervency is high and the sociopaths have come out of the woodwork, continually trolling the internet, the media, or anyone who speaks out against Trump.

The day to day anti american fascist like sentiment coming from the White House in these nine months can be hard to remember, but here are a few more – as we must remember we have never seen the likes of such depravity inhabiting our highest office.  Clearly we see a picture in which his bizarre quest for grandiosity is more important than truth, than reason, than the nation itself.

1)Gaslighting us all about the inauguration size for the sake of propaganda.  A stupid maneuver born out of his own narcissism.  Perhaps he was lying to himself, ever hell bent on a way to feed his own grandiosity regardless of truth.  His anger when he and his lacky deviant administration press secretary was called out on it was apparent.   Travels to the CIA on his first day as President, whom he already disrespected in a blatant way due to their findings on Russia’s involvement in the election.  Feeling it was an attack and way to put his presidency.  This, disrespect of the CIA’s findings in favor of his reputation is Anti American, not only is Trump ignorant, he is not suitable to make a judgment call dismissing the CIA’s findings.  We know why he did it though.. narcissism.  While in front of the Memorial wall of the fallen CIA, Trump disrespectfully and narcissistically rails against the press and says ““There is nobody who feels stronger about the intelligence community and the CIA than Donald Trump,”.  Anyone speaking in third person about themselves has clear issues with their ego.

2) Attempts to order the construction of a multi billion dollar border wall, that a $50 ladder can conquer.  A symptom of his stupidity, shortsightedness and ignorance.

3)Follows a lie that millions of voters voted illegally to soothe his ego of why he lost the popular vote.  Early on there was a campaign to get to the bottom of it, which resulted in the quest for voter data from all states.  Presented as facts with no evidence, his narcissism damages the integrity of the the highest office again, and presents damaging propaganda taken as the bible to millions of his supporters.  A conspiracy theory, backed by nothing but his all consuming narcissism – which has easily become a consistent and recurring theme in his attempt to hoist his disastrous presidency into what he wants it to be, one of the greatest ever.

4) Fire Sally Yates for doing her job, blocking Trump’s unlawful travel ban which was then subsequently blocked by multiple judges and revised until it can pass.  Trump’s ignorant brazen action made him look incompetent, erratic, xenophobic as well as stupid.  His firing of Yates for competency was preceded in ignorance by his firing of Comey a couple months later.

This is Trump’s first few weeks only.  It was a disaster from the beginning and there is no sign that it won’t relent, week after week of scandal and stupidity, juvenile bickering and name calling, pointing the finger and gas lighting, lying and Nixonian coverups, Trump’s presidency began in lies and is on pace to end in lies, a problem sustained by propaganda that has no problem forsaking values for the sake of clicks, forsaking truth for the sake of money.  This mindset too is Trumps, and it is a scourge of humanity.  The sociopathy that supports it rears its ugly head in America.

Disrespect of the Flag

Want to disrespect our flag? Stand at the nations highest podium and use the death of fallen soldiers to lie and point the finger at everything but yourself for your problems, and call people names like a child, in order to try and improve your self image. Make up conspiracy theories and lies to make it look like everyone else is worse than you, or is out to get you, all while whining about how the free press makes up fake news which in fact are legitimate real news, that point to legitimate real problems that you have. Say things like this as well:

“It’s very tough, because it’s an island. In Texas, we can ship the trucks right out there. And you know, we’ve gotten A-pluses on Texas and on Florida, and we will also on Puerto Rico. But the difference is, this is an island sitting in the middle of an ocean. And it’s a big ocean; it’s a very big ocean. And we’re doing a really good job.”

“Nobody knew health care could be so complicated.”

“I know more about ISIS than the generals do, believe me.”

“When you’re a star, they let you do it. Grab em by the …. you can do anything.”

“I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and not lose any votes.”

“I know words. I have the best words.”
“I think there is blame on both sides.”

“He’s not a war hero. He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.”

“She gets out and she starts asking me all sorts of ridiculous questions. You know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever. In my opinion, she was off base.”

“I alone can fix it.”

This is the character of the current president. Character matters. Integrity, Humility, honor, intelligence, reason, courage, all are devoid in the sentiment he exudes.

This is someone who can’t place the country’s needs before his own. He doesn’t have the temperament to lead nor the humility to realize that the job is too large for any one person.

Government requires compromise, patience, thoughtfulness and adaptability: qualities he utterly lacks. He doesn’t read. He doesn’t study. He’s incapable of reflection, of rigorous analysis of his thoughts or words to determine the consequences of his actions. He’s profoundly and proudly ignorant.

Donald Trump is not strong. He is not honest or honorable. He is not humble, compassionate, caring or kind. He has none of these qualities. He never will. He isn’t capable, nor is he capable to competently lead the country, he’s in far over his head and the circus of his ridiculous sideshow of a presidency continues, a complete disrespect of the nation.